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Support GF Restaurants & Bakeries

While researching dedicated gluten free restaurants and bakeries I came across so many establishments that had to close down. Some were due to medical issues, but many delicious places closed because of financial struggles. It’s so important to support these gluten free establishments!

Please show them the support they have shown us. They are giving us a safe and convenient place to eat, which is a big deal for celiac.



I had been diagnosed with celiac disease for a couple years before I even heard about dedicated gluten free bakeries and restaurants. Even then, they seemed impossible to find. I still have to drive a long way to find one, but it’s worth it once in awhile.


When I finally found an entirely gluten free restaurant, it changed my life. I went out to eat and was able to feel “normal” again. All the attention wasn’t on me and whether or not I would get sick from the food served. People I ate with could relax and enjoy their meal, instead of worrying about what I was, or wasn’t, eating.


Eating at a dedicated gluten free restaurant brought the convenience back to eating out. With celiac disease, it’s often more convenient to eat at home rather than do a bunch of research, make phone calls and then interrogate waitstaff throughout the meal.


I believe everyone should enjoy the freedom of sitting down and ordering food without the fear of getting sick. For people with celiac disease and other gluten intolerances, 100% gluten free restaurants can give us and our loved ones this simple pleasure.


However, when I try to find this information online there are a lot of inaccurate places listed for free. All the real lists are hidden behind pay walls. I understand people want to make money, but these hidden food places shouldn’t be kept secret.


If you know of any entirely gluten free restaurants, bakeries or diners near you that aren’t listed please leave a comment and share.