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100% Gluten Free Restaurants In Connecticut

Last Updated: 08/2023

Looking for gluten free restaurants in Connecticut? Here are celiac safe entirely gluten free places to eat in Connecticut.

This means there are 100% gluten free kitchens so you don’t have to worry about getting sick from gluten cross contact. Check out the list below and make sure they stay in business by showing your support for them.



Gluten Free Connecticut


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By the Way Bakery

Website: By The Way

The kitchen at By The Way Bakery is a dedicated gluten free facility and their products are recommended by the Columbia University Celiac Disease Center. All of their baked products are also dairy free and kosher pareve.

The founder, Helene Godin is passionate about making delicious baked goods for people who have both celiac disease and dairy allergies.

By The Way Bakery has four locations in total (3 in New York) and focuses on making small batches of fresh treats by hand. Check out the website to see some of their amazing creations.


By the Way Bakery

19 E. Putnam Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830
203) 489-3610


Cheese Bread Factory

Website: Cheese Bread Factory

The Cheese Bread Factory has a menu inspired by traditional Brazilian recipes. Every delicious offering, including their signature cheese bread, is gluten-free, sugar-free, and yeast-free.

Whether you’re ordering the bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast or the classic American cheeseburger sandwich, this establishment guarantees a safe, gluten-free experience, catering to the needs of both the health-conscious and the celiac community alike.

Cheese Bread Factory

286 S Main St
Newtown, CT 06470
203) 270-7002


Dee’s One Smart Cookie

Website: Dee’s One Smart Cookie

Dee’s One Smart Cookie is a dedicated gluten free facility. They are 100% gluten free and gluten is not allowed to be brought in the bakery.

→ Dee’s is also entirely dairy free, soy free, peanut free and tree nut free.

The owner Diane “Dee” Kittle was already a pastry chef and sugar artist when she was diagnosed with celiac disease.

Dee’s has an extensive menu of creative creations including doughnuts, muffins, bread, cupcakes, bars, pizza, pasta and soups. You can checkout their daily menu and see delicious treats by visiting the website.


Dee’s One Smart Cookie

Melzen Plaza
103 New London Turnpike Suite C
Glastonbury, CT 06033
860) 633-8000


Divine Treasures

Website: Divine Treasures

Everything made by Divine Treasures are gluten free. Their products are also organic, vegan and dairy free. They are all made in a gluten free facility.

Divine Treasures decadent chocolates can be purchased in the store or online, but to experience their baked goods and savory items you will have to stop by the Connecticut store.

The shop has soft serve ice cream, spice cakes, brownies, cookies, pies, pizza, quiche and more. All vegan and gluten free!


Divine Treasures

404 Middle Turnpike W
Manchester, CT 06040
860) 643-2552


Faith Cafe

Website: Faith Cafe

Faith Cafe is a unique café dedicated to serving nutrient-rich food curated with guidance from medical professionals and nutritionists, ensuring every dish is tailored to fuel the body right.

Prioritizing the celiac community, every scrumptious item on the menu is crafted with clean, gluten-free ingredients. And for those with a sweet tooth? Don’t miss their freshly baked donuts every Wednesday!

This café isn’t just about food—it’s a commitment to health, service, and community.

Faith Cafe

106 Rte 66 E
Columbia, CT 06237
860) 228-0194


Gluten Free Oasis

Website: GF Oasis

Looking for gluten free restaurants in Connecticut? Everything at Gluten Free Oasis is made in their 100% GF facility. They serve delicious yeast free breads, breakfast and lunch. 


Gluten Free Oasis

594 Federal Rd
Brookfield, CT 06804
203) 885-0314


Izzi B’s Allergen-Free Bakery

Website: Izzi B’s Bakery

Although Izzi B’s does not have a storefront, all of their products are completely gluten free. They are a wholesale bakery and not a retail location.

However, they do fill individual pre-orders daily by appointment. Also, if you need a same day order filled they bake extra almost daily, so call them and see what they have. They will try to accommodate you.

Izzy B’s is great for anyone with multiple food allergies. All of their products are free of gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, all nuts, and casein. They also have no preservatives, no trans-fats, no refined sugar and are cholesterol free. Along with all of this, Izzy B’s products are all vegan and kosher certified.

Please do not stop by Izzy B’s unannounced.

→ As you can see, Izzy B’s Bakery is a great option for anyone on a very restricted diet.


Izzi B’s Allergen-Free Bakery

22 Knight St
Norwalk, CT 06851
203) 810-4378


Little Beet

Website: Little Beet

Founded in 2014 with a mission to serve nutrient-rich, veggie forward food that uplifts both the palate and wellbeing. Little Beet has a 100% gluten-free menu tailored especially for those with celiac disease.

Their dedication to health is evident in their meticulous ingredient sourcing from trusted farmers and their collaboration with in-house nutritionists.

Little Beet

635 Post Rd E
Westport, CT 06880
332) 205-7118


Little Rabbit Baking Co.

Website: Little Rabbit

If you are looking for an entirely gluten free bakery in Connecticut, check out Little Rabbit Baking Co. Gabriel Morris owns the bakery and had formal Pastry Chef training at the French Culinary Institute in New York.

Gabriel Morris interned in Beziers, France and eventually opened a gluten free bakery due to an autoimmune condition. Check out Little Rabbit for delicious elevated GF treats. Not only do they have creative and great tasting snacks, but Little Rabbit is constantly coming up with new menu items.

Be sure to visit their Facebook page to see the newest creations and bakery updates.


Little Rabbit Baking Co.

1648 Whitney Ave
Hamden, CT 06517
203) 626-1140


Pure Love Bakery

Website: Pure Love

Two sisters own Pure Love Bakery and it’s entirely gluten free. One of the sisters, Lynn Seery, was diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago and has been a pastry chef for over 15 years. With the diagnosis came a new direction for the sisters to grow their business in.

They have created delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy. Along with the usual cakes, cupcakes, cookies and breads you will find a nice selection of pastries at Pure Love.

Pure Love Bakery is also known for their delicious granola recipes.


Pure Love Bakery

136 Simsbury Rd #16
Avon, CT 06001
860) 409-0302


Shayna B’s By The Sea

Website: Shayna B’s

Everything at Shayna B’s By The Sea is 100% gluten free and vegan. They use locally grown and organic ingredients whenever possible. Shayna B’s offers delicious baked goods along with a daily menu of more savory items.

They also have an option for local home delivery on their website. 


Shayna B’s By The Sea

247 Main St
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
860) 339-3144


Still Delicious

Website: Still Delicious

Along with being allergy friendly, Still Delicious is an entirely gluten free bakery. They are soy and nut free. They also use ingredients certified to be allergen free.

You can find products like mini loafs, breads, english muffins, cookies, rolls, cupcakes, whoopie pies, lava cakes, pies and more at Still Delicious.


Still Delicious

13 Boston Post Rd,
Westbrook, CT 06498
860) 552-4662


The Sweet Beet

Website: The Sweet Beet

Everything at The Sweet Beet is 100% gluten Free. This gluten free restaurant in Connecticut is also soy free, peanut free, dairy free and vegan. The Sweet Beet is basically a healthy grab n’ go gluten free restaurant.

You can find made to order dishes like hot soups, fresh salads, sandwiches and juices. They also have a cooler case of ready to go foods like mac n’ cheese, lasagna, chili, sweets or even cottage pie.

If you enjoy plant based gluten free meals, be sure to check out this delicious gluten free restaurant in Connecticut. 


The Sweet Beet

498 Salmon Brook Street
Granby, CT 06035
860) 653-2338



Website: Teff

Teff is an Eritrean and Ethiopian 100% gluten free restaurant in Connecticut. None of their foods have gluten and they ask customers not to bring gluten into the restaurant.

Teff is family owned and you can find delicious unique dishes that celebrate East African Cuisine. Many of their ingredients are made by family in Ethiopia! I highly recommend giving Teff a try to enjoy authentic flavors of Ethiopia.



113 W Main St
Stamford, CT 06902
203) 998-7474


Toro Loco

Website: Toro Loco

Toro Loco is celiac safe, and the kitchen operates with 100% corn-based, gluten-free practices. Dedicated to authenticity, every dish tells a story of local farms and the genuine flavors of remote Mexican and Spanish villages.

With an ambiance reminiscent of a comforting afternoon at abuela’s, guests can savor delicious meals in a relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by family and friends.

Toro Loco

1274 Farmington Ave
Farmington, CT 06032
860) 470-5944


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