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100% Gluten Free Restaurants In Arkansas

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Are you on a gluten free diet and looking for a place to eat out with ease? Here are a few entirely gluten free restaurants in Arkansas. This means they have 100% gluten free kitchens so you don’t have to worry about gluten cross contact ruining your meal.

I have celiac disease and know the freedom that comes with sitting down at a dedicated GF restaurant or bakery and being able to order anything on the menu.

I want to share that experience with as many people as possible and help support business that are making our lives easier. Share this with any gluten friends you have.


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Gluten Free in Arkansas

I know this is a short list, but even having one place to go can be exciting for a celiac. I hope over time this list will grow.



Aquarius Taqueria

Website: Aquarius Taqueria FB


Aquarius Taqueria doesn’t have a strong online presence so their Facebook page is the best place to go for information. I called and spoke with them to determine that the Aquarius menu is completely gluten free and everything is safe for a celiac to eat. They also have gluten free alcoholic drink options. 


Aquarius Taqueria

91 South Main Street
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
479) 253-6888



Dempsey Bakery

Website: Dempsey Bakery


Dempsey Bakery is 100% gluten free. They are also a wheat, soy and nut free bakery (except coconut).  They are voted the #6 Best Gluten Free Bakery in the U.S. for 2019.

Dempsey’s also serves GF lunch, serving items like pizza, sandwiches and salads. I recommend checking out Dempsey’s Instagram page to see their latest updates and creations.


Dempsey Bakery

323 S. Cross St
Little Rock, AR 72201
501) 375-2257


Olly Makes Bakery

Website: Olly Makes FB 

Olly Makes Bakery is entirely gluten free. They make everything from scratch, using organic ingredients and focus on healthy baking.

If you are gluten free and live nearby, this is a great bakery to check out. Olly Makes Bakery communicates using Facebook and Instagram and they tend to post when they sell out early.


Olly Makes Bakery

220 N. Main Street
Bentonville, AR 72712
501) 470-6978



The Preacher’s Son

Website: Preacher’s Son


The Executive Chef at The Preacher’s Son has celiac disease so you know your food is safe to eat. I contacted them and everything that comes out of the kitchen is 100% gluten free. They also have GF alcoholic drinks available.

Preacher’s Son are friendly and helpful, just ask your server and they will know how to help you. They have a great atmosphere along with amazing dishes.


The Preacher’s Son

201 NW A St
Bentonville, AR 72712
479) 445-6065




Did this list help you? Let me know.

Do you know any other entirely gluten free kitchens/facilities in Arkansas? Leave a comment, I would love to expand this list. 



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