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Why Celiac Town


Celiac Town is a place for anyone affected by gluten to find comfort, information and a sense of community.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, a gluten or wheat allergy, non celiac gluten/wheat sensitivity, or are trying to remove gluten from your life, Celiac Town can help provide resources to guide you to a gluten free life.

Here at Celiac Town we believe it takes the whole town to stay gluten free. Family, friends, and loved ones, are so important in our lives and it’s no different when it comes to living gluten free.

We know the stress our diagnosis can place on those we live with and how hard it is to find correct information on the internet.

If you are the loved one of someone who has to live gluten free, you are welcome here.

Research suggests that quality information about celiac disease helps improve symptoms and that good support increases dietary adherence.

We want to give you good information and provide community while helping you establish your Town.


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