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100% Gluten Free Restaurants In Alabama

Dedicated Gluten Free Alabama Graphic

Last Updated 04/26/2022

Eating out with celiac disease can be really stressful. A great way to avoid worrying about gluten cross contact is by finding entirely gluten free restaurants. Finding an accurate list of 100% gluten free food places is harder than it should be and most people are charging money for this information. I hope to make it a little easier for people like me, who have celiac disease, to enjoy eating out once in awhile. Below is a list of dedicated gluten free places to eat in Alabama.


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Entirely Gluten Free In Alabama


Whether you’re trying to eat gluten free in Birmingham Alabama or elsewhere in 2022, I’m here to help you find a safe dedicated GF bakery, cafe or restaurant in Alabama. 


Delta Blues Hot Tamales

EATS Highland

Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro

The Joyful Food Co.

Guncles Gluten Free


Delta Blues Hot Tamales

Website: Delta Blues


One of the founders of Delta Blues Hot Tamales, Fawn Freis, was diagnosed with celiac disease and realized how difficult it was to eat out because of cross contamination. The Delta Blues kitchen is entirely gluten free and safe from gluten cross contact. 


Delta Blues Hot Tamales
1318 Cobb Ln
Birmingham, AL 35205
205) 502-7298


EATS Highland

Website: EATS Highland

EATS Highland serves Latin food and has a dedicated gluten free kitchen. A celiac eating at EATS should be careful when ordering alcoholic drinks because the beers are not all gluten free. However, the menu does clearly indicate which drinks are gluten free and which are not.

EATS Highland is a great place for a celiac like me to grab a taco without being afraid of cross contamination. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11AM to 9PM. 

EATS Highland

2608 Highland Ave
Birmingham, AL 35205


Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro

Website: Mason Dixon

Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro is 100% dedicated gluten free bakery and bistro. One of the founders, Ashley Ramirez, was diagnosed with celiac disease as an adult, so Mason Dixon really gets it.

To learn more about the Mason Dixon story, check out Ashley speaking on Ted Talks.


Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro

Taylor & Ashley Ramirez
Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro
2358 Whitesburg Dr S, Huntsville, AL 35801
256) 213-7545


The Joyful Food Co.

Website: Joyful Food

The Joyful Food Co. is a 100% free facility and everything they sell is gluten free. They are also paleo friendly and their kitchen is completely free of casein, wheat, corn, soy, lactose and peanuts. 

The Joyful Food Co.

759 Shades Mountain Plaza
Bluff Park, AL 35226
205) 538-7967


Guncles Gluten Free

Website: Guncles GF


Guncles is an artisan dedicated gluten free bakery. However, it’s a bit different than other bakeries listed on my 100% gluten free restaurant lists. Guncles is also distribution bakery. 

As of 2022 they do have a store front.

So how do you get your hands on their delicious treats? They are now offering Nationwide Shipping and On-Demand Delivery. You can also call or email them to schedule a pick up at Guncles.

The owners are friendly so check out their website for ideas and don’t be afraid to contact them for availability. Their dedicated gluten free bakery storefront is located at the address below.


Guncles Gluten Free

1252 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36604
251) 800-1348



Liberated Specialty Foods

Liberated Specialty Foods is no longer a cafe. They are now focusing on packaging their products for retail. Their items are gluten free and available to buy online and have shipped to your door.

9048 Segers Rd
Madison, AL 35756
256) 325-0700


Did this list of gluten free restaurants in Alabama help you? Leave a comment.

Do you know any other entirely gluten free places in Alabama?

Let us know.


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