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Celiac Town is a place to find comfort, information and a sense of community.

If you have been diagnosed or know somebody diagnosed with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) than Celiac Town can provide support and resources for going gluten free.

Celiac Town is also a great place for the friends and loved ones of anyone struggling to live a gluten free life. 

Here at Celiac Town we believe it takes the whole town to stay gluten free. Family, friends, and loved ones can be so important in our lives and it’s no different when it comes to living gluten free. At Celiac Town we know and understand the stress a diagnosis can place on people we live with. On top of that, finding accurate information on the internet makes life even more challenging.

  • If you are curious about gluten, why people stop eating it and what it means to have these medical conditions, you are welcome here.
  • If you are diagnosed with any gluten, wheat or auto-immune related disorder, you are welcome here.   
  • If you are the loved one of someone who has to live gluten free we welcome you here too and hope you can find resources and support.

To get started, click one of the buttons below to find out about celiac disease, gluten free living and 100% gluten free restaurants.